Thursday, March 3, 2011

Terrible Things- Terrible Things

Terrible Things is somewhat of a supergroup combined of members from bands like Taking Back Sunday and Hot Rod Circuit and a hell of a lot more. Being a big Taking Back Sunday fan (come at me bro, say something. I dare you) I was pretty excited to listen to this.... It came out last year, and I gotta say, I was let down... It's entirely average :/
See, the problem, is this album isn't bad. It just isn't good, either.
The intro is just kind of there. An intro is usually there to introduce you to a band's style... This doesn't do that. The guitar is nice, yeah, but I don't really see the point. Why did they put this here? It's a lovely sound, it just doesn't fit to me.
It transitions completely into "Revolution" which I gotta say, I don't really like that much. It's an okay song, but it's terribly terribly generic. It sounds like it belongs on the local new rock station... It's very repetitive with unoriginal lyrics. I mean, TBS is pretty generic too, but you can't not love their song. This band sounds almost like it's straight out of a factory. Yeah, it's alright, but it's lost it's original sound. This song reminds me of 30 Seconds To Mars. Which reminds me of our offbrand Honey Bunches of Oats Strawberries cereal... It still tastes alright and I totally eat it... But I'd rather have real honey bunches of oats.
Oh, and that guitar solo pisses me off. You played a scale. It had no melodic value. Want an award? 
(Sorry, pet peeve.)
"Up At Night" is a little better- it's at least something that I like listening to.. I just wish it wasn't edited so heavily.  This song is alright though. It's catchy, that's for sure. 
"Lullaby" is hitting me in my weak spot... I don't know what this spot really is, but it's the same spot that Taking Back Sunday and Sum 41 hits... It's the kinda thing I love listening to, but I don't wanna admit to anyone that I like it. I love the beginning the most. It starts out awesome, and gets a little worse progressively through the song... But I still like it. Sorry if that ruins my street cred.
"Terrible Things" is alright... It's kinda boring though. I don't even have any comments. It's sub par I guess.
"Conspiracy" is fucking awesome at first. I LOVE that piano.. And then they have to ruin it with the chorus! Ugh. And then it goes back to awesome.I really like the verses, I could go without the choruses. Sigh, they need to either stop sucking or stop being good. They can't be both. It just isn't okay. The only thing I have against the chorus is how boring and generic it sounds... I could easily mix that up with about 200 different songs by bands that're playing XFEST this year... seriously.
"Wrap Me Up" sounds JUST LIKE THE USED.
Listen to it. It's honestly a copy of everything the Used ever produced.
"Been Here Before" is actually okay all the way through... There isn't anything in it I considered terrible. It was cute, I like the acoustic going on, and they don't try to FORCE anything.
I am not a fan of "Not Alone." It sounds like the kind of thing that Idle would really like, but I just can't get into it... At all. It's really repetitive.
"The Hills of Birmingham" is completely meh... It's alright.  I don't really like it, but it's not bad.

Terrible Things is definitely not doing terrible things... But they aren't doing great things, either. It feels forced, and it's about 40% music and 60% filler. :/


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