Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Far Away Boys- Kyleigh's Flaw EP

Yet another short review- I promise I'll review an LP soon...
The Far Away Boys are a fun little gem I found from Hillsborough, NJ. This three piece pop-punk band is a little indie, a little folk punk, and a lotta awesome. These four songs make me happy!
"And The Story Goes" is very traditionally pop-punk... I like it. It's really great. It's basic, but it's great. It's really catchy, and I like the vocal style a lot. Oh, and the guitar towards the end is cute. It's got really strange, but great lyrics. It's pop punk, so of course it's about a girl who doesn't like him... But the whole 'you never wore your coat' thing is quirky and I like that.
"Horse Of A Different Color" is really catchy. I enjoy the riff, and again, I really like the vocal style. It's got an interesting rhythm to it. 
"Brad Got Wasted" is my favorite song of theirs! It's bouncy, catchy, it has sweet back-up vocals, and the lyrics rock. Also, I love the outro. A lot.
Last, but certaintly not least, "Just Let Me Know" is a great ending the the EP. It shows that they have the ability to play around with their style- even though the previous three songs are good, they're all quite similar, and I really liked hearing them take on a different sound. This song is acoustic, and I love it. Also, harmonica is always a FUCK YEAH for me. Thank you, hah. 

Overall, what a wonderful band. This is their band camp.


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