Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unfun - Shallow Graves

This style hasn't expired yet? I'm pretty sure Off With Their Heads were as gritty as we needed to ever go in this direction, but I guess you can always just make the vocals more sloppy, and the record the instruments on audacity or something, and then you suddenly are the grittiest band since the 80s. But, what this Canadian pop-punk group doesn't bring in originality, they make up for with riotous energy, and turning their shows into semi-naked partyfests. So even if you don't feel the urge to jam out this the lo-fi EP, you can always jam out at their shows...if you live somewhere near them in Canada, I suppose.

The style is pretty much just dead on pop punk. As previously stated, they sound like OWTH, but they also sound a bit like Crimpshine and Banner Pilot. The guitar leads are catchy, but almost impossible to hear within the mix, because instrumental significance was sacrificed for a more overall powerful sound. I would say the songs are catchy, but I can honestly say you won't pick up any lyrics by listening to this, even if they were written out in front of you. Well, in the first song you can hear the repeated shout of "Dead and gone!" So, I guess I'm wrong for that part.

Sometimes when I don't immediately catch onto a band, I just assume that I just don't really get it. Sometimes I have trouble getting people into bands like BTMI, because they just don't get it. They're too underexposed to the band to really understand what the big deal is and what's going on, whereas when I turn on BTMI I have this fit of joy and I feel like that "forever alone" picture about Jeff:

So, I'm going to download their previous releases and see if I start to catch on. Probably won't update the review if I do catch on, because I'm pretty much settled on this release being pretty basic, lo-fi, OWTH-sound-alike pop punk with a lot of energy and aggression. That should be enough for you. You can get it over at bandcamp if you want it and stuff.


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