Monday, March 14, 2011

Church and Chambers- 2 song sampler from Church & Chambers EP

This will be very short!
I'm sorry my band histories usually suck, but I usually review the bands that don't have much history... That's okay.
Tariq, Billy, Jenna, and Alex make up Church & Chambers and they're from Jersey. Also, they're impossible to research! :)
They sound like Fall Out Boy, if you added some awesome female vocals and a cuter sound. The two songs are really different, and I love that. I want more!
"This Reminds Me Of A Drinking Game I Played Once" is my favorite pop punk song right now... It's adorable! I can't even handle how adorable it is. I love the melody- it's unbelievably catchy. The group vocals are confusing, cute, and make me nostalgic for Disney's version of The Jungle Book. I love the harmonies between the instruments, and the vocals are awesome.
 This is the kind of song I want to start every mix tape with. My sweet tooth for "do do do","woah oh oh", and other various mouth noises was totally hit hard during this song. It's getting cavities, in fact.
"Project Broadway Disjunction" came on and I was like "Woah! Where did this come from?"
They totally changed on a dime- it's a completely different sound, but still just as great. They wear their acoustic pants well! The falsetto also makes my day.
Did that make sense? Not really. Whatever. I like this slower side to them, though. 

I think Idle and I need to make a playlist of "Show this to your slampiece for a good time" music, because seriously, she'd love it. This a talented band that I'm going to be looking out for!
Also, if anyone knows more about them, or where they play, please share.


PS. Today, I realized that Denzel Washington narrates my thoughts. Who narrates your thoughts?
PSS. I review the rest of their EP here!


  1. Hey there. This is Jenna from C&C. This is so fucking cool. I can't believe someone would write such good things about us haha. We're playing a show with Hawthorne Heights on April 5th in PA, which is fucking sweet. I'd love to talk to you more and hook you up with some more C&C songs. You can find me on AIM, my screen name is freeebiiirddd or on Facebook, search for Jenna Crimefighter. Talk to you soon!

  2. My thoughts are narrated by the adult version of Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years.


  3. wow their music kicks ass, how can i get it (i had to look it up on myspace), preferably for free, but i need to send em a few dollar bills let me know.

    also liam neeson narrates my life

  4. Hey Jenna, just added you and I'd love to talk more!
    Idle, GTFO. :) <3
    Jboogie- I'm glad you like them too! Here is a link to the songs: