Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheap Girls/Lemuria Split - No Idea Records

This review may be 2 months over due, but that's still better than being 3months overdue, such as Jackie Chan was (his mother was pregnant for 12 months, dudes. So I'm basically the Jackie Chan of reviewing alternative/punk music. What are YOU? Quit judging me). No Idea Records released a Lemuria/Cheap Girls split 7'' in January, and since it involvs the awe-inspiring Cheap Girls and the jaw-dropping Lemuria, it's definitely triple-platinum record material. If you don't agree, that's your own fucking business. But you can put it in our comments section if you want, anyway. I probably will act like a dick in my reply, because I'm a dick in person.

"Singer Mother" definitely rules out of the two Lemuria jams on this fucker. I mean, with a chorus like "I'm so terrified, so fucking terrified", what do you expect? You expect and receive awesomeness. Actually, other than the weirdness and catchiness of it, it's kind of a boring song. The guitar sounds pretty washy and cool, though. And hey, who isn't a single mother lover?

I changed my mind! "Lemons" rules the Lemuria section of this split. Sheena's vocals are adorable and her guitar is always great. Alex is a rad drummer. And while his soft/calming voice might just come off as boring at times, sometimes it delivers the soothing effect that I think it's always aiming for. Maybe it's not as emotionless as I've always considered it to be afterall. Hmm. This song has a cute guitar solo. I think everything Lemuria does is at least cute, even if it's not always the most interesting thing in the world anymore. I mean, Get Better was the shit, but Pebble just didn't deliver the mojo.

The Cheap Girls side of this split is of course dominated by the only song, "Pure Hate". Wait, I just noticed that the album art has the same tree that was in my front yard growing up...this is creepy. Is that my front yard? I don't think so. Definitely looks like my neighborhood, though. Very weird. Anyway, Cheap Girls.

Their bassist Ian does their vocals, which I guess makes them the indie rock version of Nofx or The Copyrights, correct? Okay, this song is definitely the better out of all three of these songs on the split. Cheap Girls have a history of being awesome and being involved with awesome things. Such as releasing material on Quote Unquote Records, and playing shows with all of the best bands. Oh, and releasing stuff on Paper + Plastick. These guys are, and have always been the shit (at least for the span of their existence).

The instruments for this track sound kind of like 90s rock music and the vocals don't differ too much from that style either. The song isn't fast, but it has this very emotionally urgent feel to it. The chorus is as catchy as the flu, while also being as common as the cold, though. Nothing new for indie kids like you, I guess. But, you can by this split for under 5 dollars, and it'll rule your life for various spans of 8.4 minutes whenever you turn it on. Worth it? I'd pay 7 dollars, even!


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