Monday, March 14, 2011

Chimp Change- Bruises

Chimp Change is this pop punk band from Red Deer in Canada... And they suck balls.

Just kidding. They're awesome. They're very old school. They sound a lot like The Lawrence Arms, Screeching Weasel, and Dear Landlord. I really like them. They took an old sound and combined it with a newer sound, to make some kind of awesome music soup. That you eat with your ears.... Or something. I don't know. Listen to them.
Before I start.... I just spent ten minutes trying to get Idle to help me remember the show that this awesome album cover reminded me of... And it's Kids Next Door. The episode with Kenny and the chimp and Salmonella Fitzgerald. I hope you guys know what I'm talking about, because he didn't.
ANYWAY, the actual album.
 Okay, so the first thing I think when I see "Noob Saibot" is OHMYFUCKINGGOD, THIS SONG IS ABOUT MORTAL KOMBAT. I freaked out even more at the movie quote at the beginning of the song. THIS SONG COMPARES NOOB SAIBOT TO FALLING IN LOVE. HOLY SHIT. How awesome is that? All of that aside, this song is really great. The instruments are great, and fast, and catchy. And the harmonies on "sub zero!" are quite talented...
"Song 6" is deceiving because it's actually song two but I forgive them. It takes down the tempo quite a bit from "Noob", and is quite peachy. Can I use peachy to describe punk songs? Meh. I can do whatever I want, it's my blog.
It picks up the pace about half way through, and starts to lose that melodic sound into a fast paced, angry sound. Both are okay in my book. 
"Harm" is wonderful.. I like Chimp Change, because even though they don't really sound like the Descendents to me, they have that old Descendents style that's like 65% punk, 35% pop. This song really showcases that for me.
"Waste" is probably my favorite... It hooks me at the beginning with a catchy guitar melody, fast prominent bass, and drums holding it all together. The melody keeps up the whole entire song, when the gravely vocals join it, it's just awesome. "The kids, they don't wanna rock. They don't wanna roll. They just wanna cry. Why do we even try?" The song is pretty much about how this generation is a buncha pussies. I totally agree with it.
"Bruises" is pretty much a straightforward old school pop punk song... Yeah. It's fun, but not really anything worth highlighting.
"Mars" is very fast and angry. Woo! It's pretty much a really true song, too. Also, this song has a guitar solo. Fuck yeah.
Lastly, "Unprepared" is really awesome. I like the bass in this song a lot! It's pretty complex, and it really hooks you in. Yes, YOU! You specifically. This song is a punx unicorn, foreal.

Long story short, I love their style, and so should you.


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