Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Idle and the Bear Jingle - Ben Idle

I recorded a jingle for Idle and the Bear for various obvious reasons that aren't so obvious and don't vary by much.

You can listen to it here!



There's so many albums by so many bands,
which ones are good to listen to?
I think we all need a guiding hand,
to show us who to pay attention to!
There's the steinways, handguns, caffiends, and sleep fleet
Les Rasoirs and nichiels if you think french punk is neat
Direct Hit, Dopamines, the wonder years, allison weiss
Don't listen to voodoo glow skulls, man, heed my advice
and if you're feeling metal, they've got stuff for you
Just turn on a billion ernies, and head bang like we all do
Idle is a dork and thinks he's too cool for all you guys
The bear is actually a bear, she dissects human eyes
Brixton Robbers for canadians, bayside for the kids
Taxpayers for you anarchists, unless your mom forbids
You can listen for yourself or read what they have to say
All punk music sucks anyway.
Just kidding
Visit Idle and the bear today!

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