Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why I Hate- Hieroglyphic Transmissions

I think I might have actually tried to spell "hieroglyphic" four times before I got it right... I is educated. Also, I've been puking my guts out lately! Which doesn't mix well with reviewing. I'm better now though. I know, that was the sexiest thing you've heard a girl say all day.

Anyway, Why I Hate is a really catchy hardcore punx band from California! They're catchy as fuck. The members have some impressive resumes, and it's funny, because I was sitting here thinking that they sound a lot like DC Fallout... And they're playing a show with them this week. Anyway, these guys are really great. They have some great references in their music, and I really love the vocals.

The first song on the album; "These Four Walls are Yellow, Ms. Rigby" is a great song. It's really, really catchy for one, and for two, it sets a theme for the rest of the album. It sets the pace and tone for the rest of the songs. It's got variation, between the addictive "This is a call for action!" and all the other various verses and bridges of the song. I really like it. It's a really fucking catchy (repeating myself, am I?) way to start the album. The vocals make me happier more than anything, I have a weakness for his style of singing. 
Why I Hate has a great style, combined with great guitar lines, talented vocals, and catchy drums lines.
Alright, how often can you say that, seriously? CATCHY DRUM LINES. Every once in a while, you hear a song where instead of having powerchords narrate your day, it's a great drum line. And that's when you know you found a bad ass band.
"The Symbol That Is Sewn, It's Not Who I'm Known To Be" is not only a really fantastic song full of magical melodies and bubblegum vocals (...or something) it's got a wonderful literary reference! And if you listen to this song and you don't get the reference, get the fuck off of the internet and go read a goddamn book.
One cool thing about Why I Hate is they have a counter band- Why I Hope. Same members, same songs. Except the songs are totally different- Why I Hope is folk punk. These guys took their songs and interpreted it in two different ways and I think that's so cool. I've listened to previous demos between Why I Hate and Why I Hope, and it's such a cool project. It's something I wish a lot of bands would do. 
If I ever decide to start a revolution in my tiny farm town of Bellbrook, Ohio, I'm doing it to the sound of "As I Walk Through The Valley and the Shadow of the Fire Swamp."
Actually, I think it'd be to "Kashmir" but this isn't really the genre to be mentioning that in. This song would work just as well. "It puts the hate in hating me!" is one of those simple-but-profound lyrics that I enjoy.
"Pigs Get Such A Bad Wrap", the last song, is both a wonderful song and SUCH A FUCKING COOL TITLE. Sorry, I'm easily excited and slap happy, but that's fucking great. Who can hate pigs, anyway? Also, the song is great too. The guitar is pretty simple, but I still really enjoy it. It'll be stuck in my head for a while. Or until the next song I listen to by WIH, because everything they do get's stuck in my head.
Other songs worth honorable mention: "This Was My Wish and it Didn't Come True" and "This Was The Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge."

Overall, this was a great album. No songs that I really have any qualms about. Why I Hate is like if.... We had this dragon, right? And this dragon was a punx that played guitar. And then it exploded into a bunch of CANDY. And then these Cali boys found that candy... And ate it and became musicians. Makes sense, yeah?
Sleepily, Bear.
PS. I wonder if I could go a whole day without saying "fuck."

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