Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sharks!- Three For Free EP

Sharks! is a pop-punk band from Canada that I found today, and I love. They have some other longer EPs, but this is their most recent stuff and the only music I've heard from them so far... And I'm totally gonna listen to some more, cause they rock! It started off with 2 of the members, and slowly grew to what they are today... They're some really catchy stuff- a mix of pop punk, hardcore, and the occasional powerpop? Whatever they're doing, they should keep it up.
This band kind of reminds me of a mix of Dear Landlord and We Are The Union minus the horns in the latter... So awesome.
"When Push Comes To Shove" is the first, and it's awesome. Randy's voice is the jam.. Also, the music is fabulous. I love the way the drum beat almost rocks back and forth, and the guitar/bass lines are very catchy. The ending is so cool... Oh, and group vocals like that always get me!
"I Only Liked Their First Album" feat Jonny OC has a really really really catchy riff, a funny title, and the keyboards really add something great to this band. They use it in a really interesting, cute way.
"The Blackout Anthem" is totally chill. Sharks! hits you with everything you wanna hear in a poppunk band... it smacks you head on with delicious music.
Yes, delicious.

Why do all of the best bands come from Canada? I don't know! But Sharks! make me really, really happy... Download this, and you can buy their real EP, Holy Rip, on iTunes.
You can like them on the book of faces too. 
-Bear is out.

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