Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Year's Revolution- 2010 Demo

So this is a wee bit late, but once again, it's just coming up on DTFH guys... and you all know that's one of our very favorite labels to stalk.
New Year's Revolution is indie/folk punk that sounds a lot like Defiance Ohio, Cheap Girls, and Gaslight Anthem. Also sounds a lot like Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, also known as Streetlight with a different name. ;) They're a buncha DIY fucks from Connecticut (that sucks) and they make me very very happy.
Look at that cat. It's so cute. How can you not like this band after seeing that cat?

Anyway, without any meweotypes, here we go.
Two things that automatically hit my radar for this band are one, they have a cello. That's awesome.  Folk punk is one of the really cool genres, because they still are just as punx as anything else to me, but they have strings... And that's wonderful. Next, female drummers... These are a rarity also. More lady drummers, while you're at it. 
I like this band because it has a lot of different influences. Sometimes you hear the folk influence, sometimes you really hear the punk in, and sometimes you even hear blues or jazz.
"City Lights" is the first and the best song. It's so damn catchy. The lyrics are really great, Kevin's got a cute voice, and the cello really adds something great to the song that I wouldn't have expected. It's awesome. It's a raw sound- these guys have talent without any of today's technology bullshit. 
"1800 and Frozen to Death" is just as wonderful. I really like how the cello ties in and dances around the guitar and the vocals.
"Riane" is such an addictive song! I just wanna dance to it! It's got almost a bluegrass sound, seriously. So awesome. Folk punk, when explored, can be so great. It makes me like music I never thought I'd like. Punk mixed with anything is fucking awesome, more than you guys would think. Someone, please dance with me. I know I say that all the time, but I'm serious. I'm going to hold my breath until Idle covers this song for me... Considering the fact that he won't be able to figure out the chords in the time I can hold my breath for, this band might kill me.
Folk punk is one of the best things to come out of the 1980s, including John Cusack's golden age and original MTV. 
Lastly, "Long Drive Home" sounds more like AJJ than the rest of the album. It's really a great song. Oh, and it reminds me of We All Have to Burn Something, by Big D. I can't tell you why. Just listen to the two, you'll see it... Maybe.

New Year's Revolution is worth listening to, guys. It's some of the best folk punk of 2010, in my opinion. 
Download it here or here. Either way, please donate to these adorable little people.


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