Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay guys, what the fuck? New York Dolls released another studio album today! For me, this is really fuckin exciting, because unlike Idle, most of my favorite bands were big way before I was born... Including the New York Dolls. For all you uneducated out there, here's a little background. Forgive me for sucking at this.
The New York Dolls are like, glam punk... They sound a lot like the Rolling Stones (big influence of theirs), the Stooges, MC5, and (for obvious reasons) Richard Hell and the Voivoids. They're definitely protopunk- when people think early punk, they think of stuff like the Sex Pistols.. Obviously, they're punk... But a lot of assholes forget about the bands that really LED UP to what we consider punk today. I fucking love the Dolls, because they're more about what punk really originally was- a big fuck you to society. It wasn't hardcore, it wasn't (usually that) offensive.. But they put on their makeup, and safety pins in their clothes, and a big hell yeah to sex, drugs, and rock n roll. (Especially the drugs... A spooky amount of the past members are dead due to abuse.)

In 2006, the New York Dolls got back together (kinda) and released another album, and yet another in 2009... And even though their sound is a lot more grown-up now and changed, they still are very much so my Dolls. <3 So yeah. Today was a big day for me, and my punx mom too... It was exciting.

Also, you guys don't even know how mean Idle is being to me about this review... so:

TRACKS TO LOOK FOR: I'm So Fabulous, Kids Like You, and End of the Summer.
This album really, really goes back to it's roots and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

I'm sorry I couldn't put more substance into this review, but Idle needs me to listen to his *sigh* idle and the bear jingle, I got a big 3 hour test tomorrow morning, and I'd rather let you figure it out for yourself, I guess. I recognize that the MAJORITY of our readers won't appreciate this at alll....  But I hope at least some of you do. :)

RIP Johnny Thunders, Arthur Kane, Jerry Nolan, and Billy Murcia.

Sorry I suck tonight, I kinda burned out and I have some mixtapes to make before I go to sleep!


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  1. Thanks for making me aware that a new NY Dolls album was out. No Dolls, no Sex Pistols. That's a fact. Johnny Thunders completely influenced their sound.

    However, the Dolls predated Richard Hell. He didn't pop up until he was in Television.