Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Church & Chambers- part two!

When I reviewed C&C previously, I only had a hold of the two tracks available online. But since then, I have had some conversation with the absolutely wonderful people of Church and Chambers and have acquired the rest of Through the Turnstiles & Up the Exit Stairs.
I love them even more now!
I also have the lyrics to the songs now, which makes the experience so much better! They have wonderful lyrics!

"Everybody Out!" features Johnny Lowenberg, and made my life in the first 5 seconds! IT'S A NANNY CLIP! Fran Drescher is actually my hero. She raised me through the TV screen. You don't even wanna know how many nights I've kept Idle up... Watching the Nanny. Besides that, the song rocks. I love the vocals, the lyrics, everything. It's got a really upbeat melody, and it's so catchy. God, I love this band! The lyrics are too great, too. Also, the change of pace about 3/5 through the song is awesome! All the sudden, it all stops down to some keyboard sounds, guitar, and a cute little bop. And then suddenly, scream. They're back. I heard three different styles just in this song- that's my favorite thing about C&C. They give me something new to listen to.
"The Penultimate Peril (Frank, Or Perhaps It Was Ernest)" is also wonderful. They're the best blend between electropop and pop punk... It's like if Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer had male vocals. "No one gets me all mixed up like you. I'll smile and hope that I sound more confident than I am." So cute. :) oh and 1:58 is the best part of the whole song.
Lastly, "Smoke Signals In The Sky" rocks because it's a little bit more unplugged at parts, and it's a nice little mixture. It's a great song.

I love Church & Chambers a whole lot.

My review of the other two Ch/&Ch songs is HERE!

You can find them on the book of facestumblror the space.
Listen to them. They are the jam.


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