Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jill Goldberg- Girl, Polite

Jill Goldberg is a very talented artist from Boston- she's a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and a great sense for music. She's a little off from the music we usually like to talk about on here, but I think a lot of you would like her, and some of you could use some softer music ;) She's indie, pop, cute, and this EP comes out in April. For now, you can listen to it streamed at this site.
I'm really glad that I got to this EP before Idle did- not just because it's way more in my ballpark than his, but because I'd be jealous if he got it. I really, really enjoy Jill. 
The first track, and her most popular so far, is "Not Worth It." It's got a cute intro, that wraps you up right away. I love the lyrics, the simplicity, and the way she pulls it all together with her voice. She's got a very rich, variable, alto voice and I think it's both regal and cute at the same time.
"Girl, Polite" is probably my favorite! The piano and her voice at the beginning are so perfect. It's catchy as hell, and then it goes into a wonderful chorus. Definitely great lyrics- I guess Jill and I are both fans of playing in the dirt.... Didn't think we'd have that much in common. ;) The bridge is also wonderfully mentionable. 
"Where Did You Go" is a slow, soft, and sad song... I like it. If any of you have ever had the great pleasure of seeing Meg Cavanaugh play before, that's a lot like Jill Goldberg. This song really showcases her harmonies well.
"Five Steps" is awesome. This is definitely an album of exploration, and I love what I'm finding in it! Her music always flows very well.
"I'm Always Right" is awesome. I love how each of Jill's songs are very distinct and each have their own styles.
"My Heaven" is the last song on the EP. It's adorable. It's like a ballad or something, I don't know. 

This EP was a little new for me to review- Jill Goldberg is so talented, and I loved listening to her music. But as you guys know, it's a little out of my realm... But I think a lot of you would really enjoy this album... Namely, my mother. Her EP is going to be out next month and I expect at least a few of you to go and buy it... Also, she's planning a tour right now. Have fun, kiddos.


PS. Sorry I haven't posted lately, guys, you've been stuck with Idle! I don't even have a cool excuse like him, I've just been buried in school and work! I'll be around more this upcoming week.

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