Thursday, March 17, 2011

Only Thieves- Heartless Romantics

Only Thieves are these dudes from Tallahassee.
Review over.
Juts kidding. They're like, this indie/alt rock band. They made this album.  I like this album. I write in short choppy sentences.
"All The Sad Young Men" has this really upbeat, melodic intro that sets the mood for the whole entire album.
Jeremy Barnes has a very distinct voice and a great clear tone. I like it. This song is some really cute alternative stuff, and definitely shows the 90 roots the band has. I also really enjoy the way they chose to end this song!
"Discoveries" is a really amusing song. The band has a very happy tone to all of their songs, even the sad ones. The little 6 note riff will be stuck in my head all day. This is good road trip music, I think. I like how they incorporated some WOAH OHs into this too... Any woah oh's are a okay in my book. Oh, and the solo is nice. And the riff is the best part of the song.
"Flood Lights" has a very interesting sound. I like it. Oh, and there's harmonica. Harmonica FTW! I wish all bands would use harmonica. In anything. For real. I really like the lyrics and the way this song progresses, almost like a story. Do you remember how stories always go introduction, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion? I know all songs pretty much do that, but this one really kept making me think that.
"Register" is a big faster than the other songs, and has some more complicated things go on. I really like the contrast between the bass and the guitar. This song has a lot, a lot, a lot going on! These guys are all really talented musicians with an interesting sound. It took me a little bit to warm up to it, but it gives me the warm fuzzies now.
"Pioneer Repair" has some of the best lines I've heard in a while. "She's on cocaine, and I'm quite drunk. I might get laid if I press my luck. But I ain't sure where we're going cause it's not clear where we've been." Love it. The rest of the lyrics are great, too. I just really like this band. Oh, and the bridge rocks my socks.
"The Ballad Of The Aluminum Girl" is both my FAVVORRRITE song on this album, and one of the best damn extended metaphors I have heard in so long. Not only are the lyrics absolutely stunning, it's got this great blues rhythm to an indie sound and the whole song just rules. Even my dog likes this. It's got beautiful music, and a bittersweet tone to it.
"Heartless Romantic" is a very melancholy slow piano song. It's beautiful, but very dismal and makes me sad. In a good way. The voicemail recording really adds a lot to the song.
"Unsatisfied" is a bass heavy song with a bit more motion than the rest of the album. It sounds kinda like early 30 Seconds to Mars. That's kind of an insult... I'm sorry. This is legitimately a really good song.
"Bricks" has a beautiful intro. I love it. The whole song has a great melody. <3
Lastly, "What's Wrong" is probably one of the better songs on the album. It's a bit more my style- I like the way it progresses and the way the instruments tie together.

Only Thieves is a really great band. I had a bit of trouble with this review, because I have trouble finding the words that describe their style correctly. It's very abstract to my usual taste, but I really like it. You guys should listen to them. ^_^

Sleepily, your bear.

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