Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mixtapes- A Short Collection Of Short Songs

Me and Idle really like Mixtapes.
We got this 7 inch a few weeks ago, and Idle called it, but being the one who can pout longer.... It's now in my possession. Win.
If you want to read a bio about Mixtapes, and read a previous Idle review of their music, go here. I figured it would be goofy for me to write another background on them, when Idle's the one that got me into them, knows them better, and is from the same area....
They're really great indie pop-punk with fabulous vocals and addicting short songs.
Idle's moving right now, if you're curious as to why all of our reviews are spaced out and in binges... Sorry about that, my pretties. <3
The first track is absolutely great.... Me and Idle differ in that, even though we both LOVE Ryan and Maura, he likes Maura's vocals better and I like Ryan's vocals better. This song is mostly Ryan, with some Maura highlights. "Birthday Party Summer Camp (Hellooo Meggann)" starts off like most Mixtape songs- simple with piano and guitar trade offs and a strong bass background. It's just such a cute song, for real. My favorite thing about the Mixtapes is their lyrics- I can't get enough of their writing. It's so simple, but it's just so damn true for me and I'm sure a lot of other people. Oh, and group vocals are win. 
"The Real Hotel California" is also great. Maura has an adorable voice, and I really like the more upbeat songs. Oh, and the harmony is wonderful in this song. Just peachy. ^_^
"Soups Whatever" has a really fucking awesome melody... Oh, and the lyrics are quite possibly the best on this album. Pretty much my life exactly. So fantastic. Listen to this song, even if you don't feel like listening to anything else.
"I'm Like" is one of the heavier songs on the album, sort of. It's got great vocals. 
"Whit's End" is a song I do my makeup too... It makes me feel less pissy and like a disgruntled tiger in the morning. Let Maura, Ryan, Kamal, and Grimace make you less like an angry wild cat in the morning, they do a great job.
"Anna Maria" is such a beautiful song. It really is gorgeous. It's awesome. The strings really add something to it, and it's one of those off-color love songs that make your heart ache. 

Long story short, Mixtapes did a great job on A Short Collection of Short songs.

Buy it. It's only 5 dollars, but I'd pay more. Oh, and it's blue. Convinced yet?


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